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Council of Europe



Опис на работната позиција

External recruitment competition
Lawyer - North Macedonia
Registry of the European Court of Human Rights
Location: Strasbourg
Reference: e005/2024

Are you a lawyer who wants to gain experience in an international Organisation working for human rights democracy and the rule of law? Do you want to help the European Court of Human Rights to ensure respect for the rights of 700 million Europeans? Dealing with applications alleging violations of the rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights interests you? If so our job offer may be the right opportunity for you.
Who we are
With over 2200 staff members representing all its 46 member States the Council of Europe is a multicultural Organisation. We all strive towards protecting human rights democracy and the rule of law and our three core values - professionalism integrity and respect - guide the way we work.
The European Court of Human Rights oversees the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the member States. Individuals can bring complaints of human rights violations to the Strasbourg Court once all possibilities of appeal have been exhausted in the member State concerned. See the Court’s website for details.
The Council of Europe has its headquarters in Strasbourg (France) and has external presence in more than twenty countries.
Your role
As a Lawyer you will:
manage a certain number of case-files in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court’s procedures:
examine and deal with applications lodged with the Court in accordance with the general time-limits internal guidelines and specific country-management meetings instructions
maintain correspondence with the applicants and where appropriate with Governments and third parties
prepare case-files for the examination by a Judge-rapporteur and for submission to the Court
ensure legal analysis
attend the Court's sessions and present cases
draft judgments decisions minutes reports notes and other documents
undertake studies and research relating to the case-law of the Court and national law
analyse and distribute information concerning the Court’s case-law.
advise and report to a Senior Legal Adviser: report on the results achieved on further requirements risks and opportunities of developments or events
communicate in matters concerning the case-files:
ensure that all those concerned are informed appropriately
maintain contacts with counterparts.
promote the values of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights internally and externally.

Потребни квалификации

What we are looking for
You must:
hold a higher education degree or qualification equivalent to a master’s degree (2nd cycle of the Bologna process framework of qualifications for the European Higher Education Area) in law obtained in North Macedonia permitting access either on the basis of qualifications or after passing a competitive examination to the judicial administration or legal professions in North Macedonia
after having obtained the relevant university degree in law have at least two years of professional experience acquired in the legal field (preferably in the judicial service) in North Macedonia or in international Organisations
have an excellent knowledge of Macedonian (mother tongue level)
have very good knowledge of one of the two official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French) and knowledge of the other
have the ability to draft legal texts clearly and precisely in English or French
be a citizen of one of the member States of the Council of Europe and fulfil the conditions for appointment to the civil service of that state
have discharged any obligation concerning national service (military, civil or comparable)
not be the parent child stepchild or grandchild of a serving staff member of the Council of Europe
be under the age of 65 years.

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Објавен на: 09/02/2024

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